My names Dani, I’m a passionate designer and forward thinker, and I’m here to help you express your vision!


“Only when design fails does it draw attention to itself – when it succeeds, it’s invisible.” John D. Berry

I work with most design-related areas, from illustration to web-design to typesetting to identities and logos, occasionally calling on other creatives to fill any gaps I have. Throughout all my work I prioritise clarity and practicality to ensure your designs are efficient and functional, as well as timeless. And of course we want our designs to be intuitive and natural to the viewers!

My personal style usually focuses around minimalism, with elements of whimsy, elegance and fun, but I love to branch out! I’m constantly learning and evolving with my work.

I’ve chosen to volunteer my services part-time to not-for-profit organisations. NFP organisations usually have the most important messages to share, but if they can’t get their message heard the community suffers as a result. It’s not much, but a solid brand identity or an eye-catching poster can really make a difference, and I’d like to help however I can.

My process is tailored to help you discover the ideal solution to your problem. Using my experience paired with your insight, we’ll work as a team when creating your design piece.

I aim to be enjoyable to work with, as I’m friendly, relaxed, very professional, and excited and passionate about all projects, big or small!